4/14/2005 -
Andrew is pleased to announce
that he won the Bronze Award in
Advertising Illustration in the
2004 Award
Show. The piece is entitled
"Big Fish" and can be seen
in the featured work section
of his rep's, Vicki Prentice
Associates, Inc., web site.
Please go to the links section
to link right to it.

6/22/2005 -
Andrew's son, Zachary, a 2005
graduate of RISD, in illustration,
has already had his first one-man
show! He was invited to do so by the
Cultural Arts Alliance of Hopkinton
since he had won first prize in oils as
well as "Viewers Choice" for a
charcoal drawing, in the large group
juried show last fall. The show was a
great success featuring around 50
paintings and drawings as well as
some animations on the computer.
Zach is presently resting but will
soon be looking for work in

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